April 5, 1999

Unix select Equivalent

Question: Is there any Java facility like the Unix select() system call that will wait until there is something to read from a file descriptor before the programmer does the

UDP Clients

Question: I would like to create an application in Java that communicates with a UDP connection. How do you specify the connection as UDP rather than TCP? Answer: To write

Floating point accuracy

Question: When I do the following, double answer = 121 * .1;System.out.println(“Answer: ” + answer); I get, Answer: 12.100000000000001 What’s going on? Answer: Almost every computer architecture represents numbers in

Forcing a function to be non-inline

Question: Is there a way to force a function not to be inline?that is, to define the body of a function in a header file, but require that the compiler


Question: Are there any utilities that will convert an .EXE file back to a .CPP file? A friend wrote a little program for me, and I would like to alter