April 14, 1999

JavaScript Include Files?

Question: I have JavaScript functions that I’m using in different pages. Is there a way to do a C/C++ type include so I don’t have to replicate the JavaScript code on every page? Answer: What you’re after is the SRC attribute of the tag. It’s easy to miss the superfluous

Optimize SQL Using “Show Statistics”

The new and improved showplan in SQL 7 is certainly prettier and easier to understand than the previous version. However, a better method of focusing on trouble spots is using show statistics. Execute your query with this option turned on, and you will get a detailed breakdown of how SQL

Redirect System.out and System.err

A crude but common way of debugging Java programs is to use the public System.out and/or System.err instances of PrintStream to display information: System.out.println(“Entering section A of my code”); One drawback to this method is that if the information is sent to a display (usually the default), it may scroll

The Role of Sequence Adaptors

A sequence adaptor is a container built upon another container that modifies its interface. For example, the container stack is usually implemented as a deque, whose non-stack operations are hidden. In addition, stack uses the operations back(), push_back() and pop_back() of a deque to implement the operations top(), push() and

Provide Alternate Text for Images in FrontPage 98

The drag and drop convenience of Microsoft FrontPage 98 makes you more efficient but leaves some unprofessional touches to Web pages. For instance, when you drop an image into the FrontPage editor, the program inserts alternate text for the IMG tag. Unfortunately, the default ALT text consists only of the