April 14, 1999

JavaScript Include Files?

Question: I have JavaScript functions that I’m using in different pages. Is there a way to do a C/C++ type include so I don’t have to replicate the JavaScript code

Optimize SQL Using “Show Statistics”

The new and improved showplan in SQL 7 is certainly prettier and easier to understand than the previous version. However, a better method of focusing on trouble spots is using

Redirect System.out and System.err

A crude but common way of debugging Java programs is to use the public System.out and/or System.err instances of PrintStream to display information: System.out.println(“Entering section A of my code”); One

The Role of Sequence Adaptors

A sequence adaptor is a container built upon another container that modifies its interface. For example, the container stack is usually implemented as a deque, whose non-stack operations are hidden.