May 18, 1999

How Many Characters Fit in an Alert Box?

Question: How many characters can fit in an alert box? Answer: There’s no way to tell how many characters can fit in an alert box. The size of the dialogs displayed by the alert(), confirm(), and prompt() commands is determined by the browser and the platform. When using these you’re

Enhance Performance Using the Reference Counting Idiom

Under some circumstances, the reference counting model can enhance performance in terms of both memory usage and speed. A reference counting class counts how many object instances have an identical state. When two or more instances share the same state, the implementations creates only a single copy and counts the

Modifying Enumeration Data Sources

Since the java.util.Enumeration class provides read-only access to the element list it represents, it may intuitively seem that the list of elements is immutable, or cannot be changed. However, the Enumeration is often used as a way to reference data stored in some structure that can change, even while the

Happy Hunting for ASP and Visual InterDev Bugs

Before you spend too much time bashing your head against a problem in Active Server Pages or Visual InterDev, check to see if you’re not up against an acknowledged bug. There may be a fix or workaround. The best place to start is at Microsoft’s support site at You