May 23, 1999

Passing a parameter to an external function

Question: Can I pass the address of a PowerBuilder function as an argument to an external function located in a dll? The dll documentation shows that it expects the address

Data Files Help

Question: I am teaching an introductory C++ course at thehigh school level. My textbook briefly coversdata files–sequential access–but doesn’t provide many examples of how to write/read multiple variables. Where would

DOS to Windows Conversion

Question: How do I convert a DOS file into a Windows program? Answer: Unfortunately, not very easily. While DOS programs will run under Windows and you may also want to

Resizing Dynamic Array

Question: int num = 50;int **stuff;stuff = new int* [num];for (int i = 0 ; i < num ; ++i) stuff[i] = new int [num]; The code above is copied

Derived Classes

Question: Functions are inherited easily. But if you have a variable in the base class and you want have the same variable but with a different type in the derived

Visual C++ Check/Radio Buttons

Question: How does one go about disabling/enabling buttons and check boxes in dialogs based on the state of other buttons or check boxes? The controls in question are of the

Far pointers in VC 5-6.0

Question: I was trying to do some direct memory stuff (writing to the DOS console buffer or a graphics screen) using my Visual C++ compiler. Unfortunately, the compiler is telling

File Input/Output

Question: I would like to know what is the difference in C between opening a file opened in binary or text mode. Answer: The primary difference is in the handling

Linking in a Resource File

Question: I am creating a Windows app using CC++. I have been using a shareware C compiler and a shareware resource compiler. I have compiled my .rc file into a