May 28, 1999

Make Text Scrollable Inside a Layer in Netscape

Question: I have a layer and I want to make the text inside scrollable. I use SPAN (or DIV also works okay) and it looks fine in Internet Explorer. But there is no scrollbar in Netscape; rather the text is cut off. How can I make it so that the

Never Store Arrays of Objects in an auto_ptr

The Standard Library’s auto_ptr class template automatically destroys an object that is allocated on the free store when the current scope is exited. For example: #include //definition of auto_ptr#include using namespace std;int main(){ auto_ptr ps (new string); *ps = “hello”;} //ps is automatically destroyed at this point Note however, that

Add a Hyperlink Listener in Java

To add a hyperlink listener in Java, add it to the JEditorPane and set its contents. A lot of errors may be thrown, but this is how the hyperlink listener must be added. import javax.swing.*;import javax.swing.event.*;import*;public class hyperlink extends JFrame{ public static void main(String arg[])throws Exception { new hyperlink();

Dump the Server Variables to a Table With ASP Code

The Active Server Pages Request object gathers lots of information about the server and the browser. This information is stored in the ServerVariables collection. You can iterate through the entire collection with only a few lines of ASP code: