June 11, 1999

Execute a Stored Procedure in All Databases of SQL Server

To execute a stored procedure in all databases of SQL Server, you should create the candidate stored procedure in the master database and pass it as a parameter to the attached stored procedure. This candidate procedure’s name must start with ‘sp_’. Then execute this statement: sp_execute_proc_inalldb ‘ ””, ””,

Add A:hover to Visual InterDev 6 Style Sheets

The Visual InterDev 6 Style Sheet editor is confusing about the tags that can be edited. For example, the A:hover style is missing from the list of tags. A:hover is a popular style because it changes the look of a link as the user passes the mouse over it. It

Dynamic Array Allocation

Java does not offer arrays that can be extended at run time, for primitives or Objects, so it is common to use a Vector for a set of elements that needs to be able to grow. Once the set is complete, if your code needs repeated access to the elements,