June 29, 1999

Resize the Browser On-the-Fly

If your Web page is formatted to look best in a certain size of window, you can try resizing the visitor’s browser using the resizeTo() method. Do this when the

Copying char array to integer

Question: I have a char array, for example: char orig_amt [20]. I need to convert this to an int orig_amt so I can do some calculation. Is there a command

WHERE Clause and Query Performance

Question: As a rule of thumb, a query that does a join will run faster if the table with the least number of rows is referenced first in the FROM-clause

Deleting Listbox Items

Question: How can I delete more than 1 Item from the listbox at once? Answer: I don’t believe the Windows list box allows you to delete more than one item

Software Engineering (C++ a bad choice?)

Question: I am working on an assignment that asks us to determine why using C++ is a bad choice, from a software engineering perspective.So far, I have found that C++

Attach Table

Question: I have 2 databases in SQL7. I need to attach one table, TB1, from DB1 to DB2, to run a join query. My query uses TB1 from DB1 and

Command Line Arguments

Question: I have a small console program that requires I pass arguments for it to run specific functions. I want to change the code so it automatically runs a set

File I/O

Question: How do I read in both a character string and int value from a file? The data I am trying to read looks like this: Name1 10 10 10Name2