June 29, 1999

Memory Protection

Question: I’m writing a program in Windows 95.I try to READ memory address FFFF:0005 that contain BIOS date, by using peekb(int, int) function, but Windows displays a close message. How

Class Members and Their Values

Question: I want to get the member names of a class and their values by names. Is this possible with C++ alone or do I need a tool for this?

Recovering a Corrupt pbl

Question: I have a pbl which gives gpf’s when I try to open it in PB v6.5. I am able to see some syntax when I view the pbl in

Hiding Taskbar

Question: I was wondering how to hide the taskbar in NT/95? Answer: To hide the task bar you will need to declare two API calls. These two API calls will

Passing Arguments to ASP pages

Question: I know that when using products like Cold Fusion, you can pass parameters to the page that does the work. Example: [*.cfm]. I have been trying to do this

Modifying Generated SyntaxFromSQL Datawindows

Question: When creating a Datawindow from SyntaxFromSQL function with a group break, the Trailer Group Totals and the Summary Totals get generated with a Format of #,##0.00. I would like

Copying char array to integer

Question: I have a char array, for example: char orig_amt [20]. I need to convert this to an int orig_amt so I can do some calculation. Is there a command

Deleting Listbox Items

Question: How can I delete more than 1 Item from the listbox at once? Answer: I don’t believe the Windows list box allows you to delete more than one item