July 24, 1999

Visual C++ DLLs Need a DEF File for VB Clients

The VB community is still waiting for somekind of tool to create “real” DLL with Visual Basic.Awaiting for this to arrive with VB x.0 (x Writing DLLs with C/C++The message shown above is remarkably clear: there’s no Checkfunction in the DLL! At least this time, the culprit is notVisual Basic,

Fine-tune batch updates with the Update Criteria property

When multiple clients perform batch updates against the same database table, ADO by default raises a conflict when different users modify the same field: in other words, if two users read the same record but modify different fields, no error occurs. This behavior is very dangerous, and might lead to

Reduced overhead when working with disconnected Recordsets

ADO includes the capability to work with disconnected Recordsets, which is a great way to save database connections. The typical sequence when working with such Recordsets is as follows: (1) you connect to the database, retrieving an empty Recordset: this step is necessary in order to correctly retrieve the table

Quickly copy field attributes when creating tables

Under VB6 you can create new SQL Server and Oracle tables – but not MDB tables – without leaving the environment. You only have open the DataView window, right-click on the Tables folder of a database, and select the New Table mennu command.When working with similar tables, that is tables

Connect a stand-alone Recordset to a database using XML

If you are familiar with the ADO capability to create stand-alone Recordsets from the thin air, that is by adding items to their Fields collection, you’re also probably aware that this feature has a serious shortcoming: you can’t then connect to a database and perform any batch updates. The problem

NZ – Check whether a value is Null

‘ Check if a value is Null. If not it returns the value, ‘ otherwise it returns the ValIfNull argument, or zero/null string’ if the second argument is omitted” This function is patterned after the Access function with the same name.’—————————————————————–‘Date: 19 Feb 99’Developer: Heather McCaslin’*****************************************************************Public Function NZ(CheckVar As Variant,

Reuse a Recordset’s Connection

ADO lets you create a Recordset without creating an explicit Connection object, using the following syntax: Dim rs As New ADODB.Recordsetrs.Open “Authors”, “DSN=Pubs” If you later want to create another Recordset, but you (correctly) don’t want to create another database connection, you can reuse the implicit Connection object that ADO

Export DAO databases to any ISAM format

Everyone tells you how to import, but even MS-VB techs start coughing when you ask how to export with DAO! In fact, their own documentation clearly states that it can not be done (see the note on page 314 of Jet Database Engine Programmer’s Guide’s “Creating an External Table”). To

Determine What Web Server Is Installed on a Remote Machine

Using Java, you can easily find out what Web server is installed on a remote machine. Just open a URLConnection to the remote host and parse the header for the “Server” entity, which will give the name of the Web server. //pass the site address as command line argument//eg:- java

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