August 14, 1999

Use DatagramSocket to See Who’s Calling Your Server

You can use class to identify a remote machine that is accessing your server. The class represents a socket for sending and receiving datagram packets. A datagram socket is the sending or receiving point for a connectionless packet delivery service. Each packet sent or received on a datagram

Your Options With Sockets

JDK 1.1 offers enhanced control over a socket’s behavior through some socket options. These options are: SO_TIMEOUT, which you can access through accessor methods: public synchronized int getSoTimeout() throws SocketException public synchronized void setSoTimeout(int timeout) throwsSocketException of class. The specified timeout is in milliseconds. With this option set to

Utilize Extended Varchar Support in SQL Server 7.0

Variable-length character data types are 255 bytes long in SQL Server 6.5. SQL Server 7.0 extends Varchar to 8000 bytes long. Until SQL Server 6.5, text data type was used for anything that required more than 255 characters. However, the text data type is sometimes problematic, a little slow, and

Avoid Using BLOBs While Storing Data in SQL Server

Binary Large Objects (BLOBs) are stored in SQL Server as either text or image datatypes. The SQL Server maintains a pointer to the BLOB data. Thus, BLOB data is not stored on the data page along with the other fields in the row by the SQL Server. The 16-bit text

Use Stored Procedures for Updates and Insertions

Coding static SQL in an Active Server Page (ASP) is perhaps the easiest way to provide dynamic data content in Web pages. However, you should try avoiding this; instead use a stored procedure wherever possible for such updates and insertions. Static SQL code in an ASP page is exposed to

Formatting Date and Time Values

VBScript has a built in function that allows you to convert a general date (MM/DD/YY HH:MM:SS AM/PM) into numerous other formats. The other formats are long date, short date, long time, and short time. Use the following snippet of code in an ASP to see for yourself.

Basic Requirements for Creating MTS Components in Visual Basic

A MTS component in VB should be an ActiveX DLL project, because MTS components by definition can only be ActiveX DLLs (and not EXEs). In order to work with MTS, it is also important to remember that all classes within this ActiveX DLL project must have their Instancing property set

Dynamically Display the Last Modified Date

A lot of Web pages have a last modified date at the bottom of the page. Although this is a feature easily managed by changing the HTML, a better approach would to generate the last modified date dynamically through ASP. The key is to extract this information from your file

Customize Your Find in VID

Do you ever wonder what the “Browse” button is for in your VID Find dialog? Press it and you will “find” out. It is actually a very nifty little feature that is rarely used. In short, it lets you search for strings in any folder, any filespec on your network.

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