August 17, 1999

DataWindow Initial Values

Question: How can I use global variables to set initial values in a DataWindow? I have tried to use “Rows..Column Specs..” but all it displays is the name of the

Getting All Files in a Directory

Question: How do I loop through a window’s subdirectory and get all the files one by one? I need to save each file in a specific format before saving it

Passing a Variable Between Two Applications

Question: In my first application, I want to use a global variable in my second application. How can I do this? Does PowerBuilder offer any method to exchange messages between

Getting the Toolbar to Show Text

Question: What code do I have to write to get my toolbar to show text? Answer: The toolbar text and other general toolbar attributes are located on the Application object.

Recommended Maximum Library Size

Question: We are currently using PowerBuilder 6.5. What is the recommended maximum pbl size? Answer: There is no recommended size. In the old days before PowerBuilder 4 there was a