August 26, 1999

Returning a void Expression from a void Function

Examine this code snippet. Will your compiler accept it? void a_func_returning_void();void func(){ return a_func_returning_void(); //returning a value from a void function?} At present, most compilers will not accept this code although it’s perfectly legal according to the ANSI/ISO C++ standard. The problem is that until recently, returning an expression from

Rating your Compiler’s ANSI/ISO Conformance

The following link ranks several popular C++ compilers according to their ANSI/ISO compliance level. The comparison chart contains various features such as exported templates, Runtime Type Information, Koenig lookup, explicit constructors, bool data type, and many other C++ features that were added to ANSI/ISO Standard in recent years.

Get a Free C++ Compiler for Windows

Dev-C++ is a free graphical C++ compiler for Windows 95, 98 and NT. You can download it for free from: Dev-C++ package also includes a debugger and source file editor that you can use as a complete development suite.

The GNU C/C++ Compiler 2.95 is Here

The GNU project focuses on the development and distribution of open source software, including free compilers. The newly-released GCC 2.95 is a free C/C++ compiler. GCC 2.95 includes nearly a year’s worth of new development and bug fixes. The compiler has several new optimizations, and it supports new platforms. In

Understanding Resumptive and Non-Resumptive Exception Handling Models

The C++ exception handling model is non-resumptive. In a resumptive model, after an exception has been handled, the program continues execution at the point where the exception was thrown. In C++, however, program execution resumes at the next statement following the catch-block. This is a source of confusion among C++

Display Taskbar Icons for Borderless Forms

When you create a borderless form in VB (BorderStyle = 0) and make it visible to the taskbar (ShowInTaskbar = True), only the form’s caption shows and the form’s icon is invisible. To display the icon, you must add a system menu to the form by modifying the style. This

Enhance Development with Registry Edits

Here are a couple useful Registry edits to enhance your day-to-day Visual Basic development. Save these Registry lines to a text file with a REG extension, and then double-click on the file to merge it with your Registry. Right-click on DLL register/unregister (make sure RegSvr32.exe is on your path): REGEDIT4[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTdllfileShellRegistercommand]@=”RegSvr32

Catch Every TabStrip Click Event

You might have noticed that if you click on a TabStrip tab, then move the mouse pointer until it’s no longer over the TabStrip without releasing the mouse button, the Click event doesn’t fire even though the tab is changed. To detect this behavior, use this code: Private Sub TabStrip1_MouseUp(Button

Convert File Size Into Proper Strings

Use this small API from the shlwapi (Shell Windowing API) DLL that ships with Internet Explorer (IE) to help you convert file size in bytes into proper strings such as “1.41 KB” or “1.32 MB.” You need IE for this because it calls shlwapi.dll, which is present on all NT4,

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