August 27, 1999

Read Content From a Remote URL

Question: How can I read the content of an HTML page from another URL? I tried using the FileSystemObject by providing the virtual path, but it says http permission is

Read Metadata With OpenSchema

Question: How do I read the names of tables and fields in an Access database? I tried OpenSchema, but I got the error, “The operation requested by the application is

Using URLEncode to Pass Query String Values

Question: I’m passing a string from one ASP template to another. The string may contain spaces so I call URLEncode, which works well as far as preventing the 400 Error

Access Legacy Data on Mainframe

Question: How do you access data on a mainframe using ASP? Answer: It depends on your mainframe application. If there is a way to connect to the data via ODBC

Format a Date as mm/dd/yyyy

Question: I need a VBScript function that will format a date as mm/dd/yyyy. The FormatDateTime function does not give me this option and the CDate function wants to convert everything