September 3, 1999

Posting Two Forms Simultaneously

Question: I have an HTML page containing two forms. One form uploads an image file and needs to have an encryption type set while the other sends a plain set of request objects. The pages need to have their ‘action’ set to separate pages and I can’t seem to trigger

Retrieving a Large Amount of Data From SQL Server

Question: I am retrieving around 3000 records from a SQL database into an ASP page. The process is very slow. Will using MTS speed up the execution time? I am using Internet Information Server (IIS) 4.0, Option pack 4.0. Answer: No matter what you do, trying to retrieve large amounts

Using Pointers to Return More Than One Value

Question: Can you show me an example that demonstrates how to use pointers to return more than one variable? Answer: A function cannot return more than one value. However, you can return a pointer to struct containing a set of values: struct S{int a;int b;};S* func(){ S * ps =

File Download Without Save As Dialog Not Possible

Question: I need to have a TXT file downloaded to a user’s machine over the Internet. I want to place the file in a specific directory. I could give the user the instructions on how to download the file and where they should save it, but I’d rather the user

Reading Files on Client Machines

Question: I have to use the Scripting.FileSystemObject in a script on the client side because I have to read a file from the client disk. Because the Scripting.FileSystemObject is not an ActiveX component, I don’t know how to do this. Answer: The only way you can read files on a