September 17, 1999

Traverse a Hashtable

Java hashtables are widely used to maintain a mapping relationship between objects. It is easy to store, and retrieve an object from a hashtable using an arbitrary key. Sometimes, it

Go Through Proxies With Java

Network administrators make use of proxy servers to enhance the security oftheir networks. A proxy server can be seen as a service that managesconnections between the internet and an internal

Dynamically Resize Your JLabels

There is a simple way to resize your javax.swing.JLabels to the text theydisplay.For an instance of javax.swing.JLabel called jLabel1, if there is not LayoutManager installed : jLabel1.setText (“A somewaht long

Initializing Array Class Members

You cannot initialize an array member in a member-initialization list of a class. For this reason, the following code will not compile: class A { private: char buff[100]; public: A::A()

Uses of the ptrdiff_t Data Type

C and C++ define a special type for pointer arithmetic, namely ptrdiff_t, which is a typedef of a platform-specific signed integral type. You can use a variable of type ptrdiff_t

Recompile Stored Procedures

Normally when a user calls a stored procedure, SQL Server does not create a new data access plan to retrieve the information from the database. The queries used by stored

Prefer Native Provider Over ODBC Providers

You can improve performance of your MDAC application by using native OLEDB providers instead of OLEDB provider for ODBC. MDAC 2.0 contains the native OLEDB providers for three SQL data