October 15, 1999


Question: I am trying to put all the checkboxes in a CheckboxGroup into anunselected state, but Checkbox.setState(false) does notautomatically unselect the checkbox once a checkbox has been selectedwithin a CheckboxGroup. How can this be done? Answer: At least one Checkbox in a CheckboxGroup must be selected at alltimes. A CheckboxGroup

Servlet Attributes and Parameters

Question: When a request message is processed through the HttpServlet doGetmethod, who sets the parameters and attributes for theHttpServletRequest argument? And what is the difference between anattribute and a parameter? Answer: Client requests are passed on to a servlet through the Web server’sservlet engine. The servlet engine packages the request

Simple HTML Display

Question: How can I have my servlet display an HTML file,located on the server, on the client’s browser? Answer: The HttpServlet class makes it very simple to send and receiveinformation to and from a Web browser. HttpServlet overrides theServlet service method and converts its arguments toHttpServletRequest and HttpServletResponse objects. These

Enterprise JavaBeans

Question: What is the basic difference between JavaBeans and Enterprise JavaBeans? Answer: JavaBeans are a set of conventions and APIs for creating reusablesoftware components. The primary benefit is for visual developmentenvironments, which can use the JavaBeans specifications to manipulatesoftware components and allow the programmer to associate events withactions. Whereas JavaBeans

Binary Representation of a Char

Question: How can I get the binary representation of a letter or number? Forexample, the letter “A” is 100 0001, the letter “B” is 100 0010, etc… Answer: You can obtain the individual bits in an integer by anding it witha bitmask that contains a one bit in the position

Getting Started with Exchange

Question: I am in the process of installing Exchange 5.5 for the first time. I need some help understanding the basic concepts of this system. How do I get the server and client (Outlook 2000) to talk to each other? I have installed the server and am not having much

Use Recordset.Supports() Method for Robust Code

You can use Supports() method of ADODB.Recordset object to write robust code. This method takes in a enum parameter and returns a boolean value which can be used to determine whether a specified Recordset object supports particular functionality. The enum constants that can be passed to this method to check

Avoid Typedefs When Defining Structs

In olden days, before C++ appeared, it was customary to declare a struct as a typedef name. For example: typedef struct DATE_TAG { int day; int month; int year; } Date; /* ‘Date’ is a typedef */ This way, one could create an instance of the struct without having to

Display Popup Windows

Here is a simple way to provide popup window functionality in your Webpages. The idea is to display a popup window if the user moves the mouseover certain text areas which have got some detail information associatedwith it. The popup window is a non modal instance of browser window whichdisplays

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