October 15, 1999


Question: I am trying to put all the checkboxes in a CheckboxGroup into anunselected state, but Checkbox.setState(false) does notautomatically unselect the checkbox once a checkbox has been selectedwithin a CheckboxGroup.

Simple HTML Display

Question: How can I have my servlet display an HTML file,located on the server, on the client’s browser? Answer: The HttpServlet class makes it very simple to send and receiveinformation

Enterprise JavaBeans

Question: What is the basic difference between JavaBeans and Enterprise JavaBeans? Answer: JavaBeans are a set of conventions and APIs for creating reusablesoftware components. The primary benefit is for visual

Binary Representation of a Char

Question: How can I get the binary representation of a letter or number? Forexample, the letter “A” is 100 0001, the letter “B” is 100 0010, etc… Answer: You can

Getting Started with Exchange

Question: I am in the process of installing Exchange 5.5 for the first time. I need some help understanding the basic concepts of this system. How do I get the

Servlet Attributes and Parameters

Question: When a request message is processed through the HttpServlet doGetmethod, who sets the parameters and attributes for theHttpServletRequest argument? And what is the difference between anattribute and a parameter?

Avoid Typedefs When Defining Structs

In olden days, before C++ appeared, it was customary to declare a struct as a typedef name. For example: typedef struct DATE_TAG { int day; int month; int year; }

Display Popup Windows

Here is a simple way to provide popup window functionality in your Webpages. The idea is to display a popup window if the user moves the mouseover certain text areas