October 22, 1999

Using NetAddUsers

Question: I created a program to Add User Account to my NT Server. It reads from a text file which provides the user info. Everything works fine, except that the user’s full name takes the value from the user id. I used USER_INFO_2 and I specified the flag usri2_full_name to

Accessing a Workstation in a Domain

Question: I would like to know how to access a workstation which is configured and logged on to an NT domain, from another PC in a workgroup environment? Most of my company’s PCs are in an NT domain, but there are some that are not. When I try to access

Concatenate Variables Containing Numbers

Question: I need to know how to concatenate variables containing numbers, that is, string them together one after the other. Every method I know simply adds the various numbers together and spits out the sum. Answer: You’re right?if you simply try to add the variables together using the plus (+)

Rotate an Image

Question: I’m creating a drag and drop program to design kitchens. How can I rotate a single picture using JavaScript? Answer: You can’t rotate an image using JavaScript. JavaScript doesn’t have any image manipulation functionality whatsoever. You really only have two options. You can use a Java applet or an

Insufficient Key Field Information Error With RDS

Question: I am using the Dataspace and DataControl objects to interact with a database through Internet Explorer 4 using form elements. The data displays perfectly when I use this query: SELECT Employee.*, Courses.* FROM Course INNER JOIN Employee ON Employee.courseid=Course.courseid WHERE Employee.id IN (” & strEmployeeList & “) When I

Disable Browser’s Menu Items

Question: Can I use JavaScript to disable the one of menu items of Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator? Answer: Sorry, you can’t modify the menus in Internet Explorer or Netscape through JavaScript. This means that you can’t add, remove, enable, or disable items. However, if you use JavaScript to open

Function for Adding Sales Tax

Question: What function would I use to take a given amount of money and add 6% sales tax? Answer: In JavaScript you could use: function addSalesTax(SubTotal){ return SubTotal * 1.06} In VBScript you could use: Function AddSalesTax(SubTotal) AddSalesTax = SubTotal * 1.06End Function

Cannot Use JavaScript to Get Server Date

Question: How do I get the server date using JavaScript that is embedded in an HTML file? Answer: You can use server-side code (like Perl, ASP, and so forth) to embed the date on the server within your HTML file, but you can’t get the server’s date using client-side JavaScript.

Resolving IP Addresses

Question: I require Visual Basic code to resolve IP addresses stored in firewall logs generated by Checkpoint Firewall1. The aim is to report company access by user (assigned dedicated IP addresses). I have tried several Web site statistical packages with no success. Is writing a VB app the only solution?

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