October 22, 1999

Using NetAddUsers

Question: I created a program to Add User Account to my NT Server. It reads from a text file which provides the user info. Everything works fine, except that the

Accessing a Workstation in a Domain

Question: I would like to know how to access a workstation which is configured and logged on to an NT domain, from another PC in a workgroup environment? Most of

Concatenate Variables Containing Numbers

Question: I need to know how to concatenate variables containing numbers, that is, string them together one after the other. Every method I know simply adds the various numbers together

Rotate an Image

Question: I’m creating a drag and drop program to design kitchens. How can I rotate a single picture using JavaScript? Answer: You can’t rotate an image using JavaScript. JavaScript doesn’t

Disable Browser’s Menu Items

Question: Can I use JavaScript to disable the one of menu items of Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator? Answer: Sorry, you can’t modify the menus in Internet Explorer or Netscape

Function for Adding Sales Tax

Question: What function would I use to take a given amount of money and add 6% sales tax? Answer: In JavaScript you could use: function addSalesTax(SubTotal){ return SubTotal * 1.06}

Cannot Use JavaScript to Get Server Date

Question: How do I get the server date using JavaScript that is embedded in an HTML file? Answer: You can use server-side code (like Perl, ASP, and so forth) to

Resolving IP Addresses

Question: I require Visual Basic code to resolve IP addresses stored in firewall logs generated by Checkpoint Firewall1. The aim is to report company access by user (assigned dedicated IP