October 22, 1999

Handle Collisions in DAO and RDO Data Access Techniques

RDO and DAO data access components handle collisions while updating a database differently than the ADO data access component. The rdoResultset and Recordset objects contain BatchCollisionCount properties that indicate how

Forward-Declaring a Namespace Member

Suppose you need to forward-declare class Interest, which is a member of namespace Bank. It would seem that all you need to do is use the class’s fully qualified name:

ActiveX Can’t Create Which Object?

When working on a large VB application that uses hundreds of COM objects, the “429 can’t create object” error doesn’t give you much help in determining which object could not

Real Time Programming: Myths and Reality

The term “real time” has become a buzzword, as in “real time stock quotes” or “real time database queries”. However, neither a database-oriented system nor a NYSE stock ticker running

Dynamic Versus Static Binding

Not every call of a virtual function is resolved dynamically. In fact, in many cases the compiler resolves the call statically, even if the function is declared virtual. For example:

Assign Toolbar Button Images at Run Time

When developing applications, quite often you end up experimenting with different toolbar icons to test how well they serve their purpose. If you change an icon in an ImageList, you