October 26, 1999

Problems with ADO

Question: I was out on the Fox newsgroup and somebody posted some ADO code in Visual FoxPro that alarmed me. VFP seems to have a major problem repeatedly accessing the

Limited Dynamic SQL

Question: I am a technical copywriter currently writing a fact sheet for a software company providing DB2 SQL support. They have something they want to call “limited dynamic SQL.” Here’s

Comparing Columns from Different Tables

Question: I have a problem comparing columns from different tables. I tried: SELECT tblThumBereinigt.Nummer, dbo_BABEWERTUNG.BANUMMERFROM dbo_BABEWERTUNG, tblThumBereinigtWHERE (((dbo_BABEWERTUNG.BANUMMER)[tblThumBereinigt].[Nummer])); but this does not give me what I want. How can I

SQL Syntax

Question: How difficult is it to convert a Sybase Transact-SQL database to SQL/400, and where can I find information on SQL/400? Answer: I don’t know but, in the main, learning

DTS & Data Driven Query Task

Question: I am trying to import data from a .CSV file and verify that the rec importing does not exist on the destination database (SQL7 DB), then either insert or

Comparing Two Tables

Question: How do I compare two tables and extract only where field1 doesn’t match field2? Will MINUS do it? Answer: Yes, but it’s not that direct. To do MINUS (or