October 26, 1999

DTS & Data Driven Query Task

Question: I am trying to import data from a .CSV file and verify that the rec importing does not exist on the destination database (SQL7 DB), then either insert or

Comparing Two Tables

Question: How do I compare two tables and extract only where field1 doesn’t match field2? Will MINUS do it? Answer: Yes, but it’s not that direct. To do MINUS (or

Auto-Replying from a Specific Account

Question: How can I configure Exchange Server for simple automatic replies when e-mails are sent to a specific account? Answer: The easiest way to do this is to log in

Using DTS

Question: Is it possible to create a DTS package that does an Update rather than a Select statement? Also, when I save a DTS package in a file (*.dts as

Restoring Tables

Question: Does SQL 7.0 allow you to restore a table from a database dump much the way SQL 6.5 did? Answer: No, not exactly. The only way you can restore

Exchange Temp Files

Question: My Exchange server has two partitions (C and D). There is a file (TEMPDFRAG.EBD) that is on the C drive and is taking up a lot of space. Is

Exporting from FoxPro 3.0 to 2.6

Question: I have a table in FoxPro 3.0 that I need to export to FoxPro 2.6 to give to someone outside my company. However, when I export, the memo fields

Problems with ADO

Question: I was out on the Fox newsgroup and somebody posted some ADO code in Visual FoxPro that alarmed me. VFP seems to have a major problem repeatedly accessing the