October 27, 1999

Access Your Help and Ini Files Within VB

In small projects I am involved with, I frequently access project-related INI files and help files. At times I work with identical databases on Access and SQL Server, so I

The New __FUNCTION__ Macro

In addition to the traditional macros __DATE__, __LINE__, and __FILE__, which are defined by ANSI C, the new C9X Draft Standard also defines the macro __FUNCTION__. __FUNCTION__ is expanded as

Is it Possible to Decompile an Executable?

Another frequently asked question in C++ newsgroups: “Is there a tool that decompiles an executable program back into C++ source code?” The short answer is “no, there isn’t”. The longer

Force an Object to Destroy Itself

Sometimes, you need to force an object to destroy itself because its destructor performs an operation needed immediately. For example, when you want to release a mutex or close a

Determine Visible Part of a Window

Programmers often need to know whether only a part of a window is visible. This can require a difficult calculation with coordinates. Use this routine to easily determine the visible