November 2, 1999

Handling Single and Double Quotes

Question: I am trying to put lines of text into an array: messageArray = new Array();messageArray[0] = ‘Information deduced from the document’s content.’ I’m running into problems with the single

ActiveX Control to read URL properties

Question: I have a VB database application that, when I pass a unique id to a client object, opens that record (this explanation is simplified). I have to write an

Round to a Whole Number

Question: I have a program that calculates the number of people the government could send to college with the money they spend on certain defense programs. The script works, but

Maximum String Length

Question: What is the maximum length of a JavaScript string? Answer: Although there is no specific limit on the length of a JavaScript String, there are practical limits on how

ADO Recordset

Question: Is there a way to programmatically reset the status of a record in an ADO 2.1 recordset? For example, I would like to change the status of a record

Memory Management

ven though the Java Virtual Machine performs automatic garbagecollection, you can’t completely forget about memory managementissues. How and when garbage collection is performed isimplementation dependent. Some JVMs will wait until

Filter Data from a Database

n last month’s 10-Minute Solution, you learned how to display selective data from a database based on the user’s choice. This time you’ll see how to improve and optimize this

Consolidating Tables for Easier Database Maintenance

n designing a relational system, the simplicity of each individual relation belies the complexity engendered by the multiplicity of tables created by implementing that model. However, simply by observing “good

Behavior Code

y now I am sure that many Visual Basic developers are leveraging their Visual Basic skills to do some Web development. In this Solution, I’ll cover DHTML Behaviors, a new