November 3, 1999

Deleting Duplicate Rows

Question: I have this table: declare tbl1 (x int,y int,z int); I don’t have a column I could use as a unique key. There are some duplicate rows (not just

Client-Side Data Binding Is IE-Only

Question: Designing with JavaScript by Nick Heinle talks about using Internet Explorer’s Object tags for simple data binding of CDV databases. Is there a Netscape Embed tag (or other equivalent)

Replace Selected Content

Question: How do I replicate the pasteHTML function supported by Internet Explorer in Netscape? Rewriting the layer isn’t the problem. The problem is determining the position of the text returned

Integration of Replication and DTS Steps

Question: I am trying to build a warehouse. The steps involved are: Make a snapshot replication of the OLTP onto the staging area. Run a DTS package that makes transformations

Access CGI Environment Variables

Question: Can JavaScript access CGI environment variables? Once a user has logged into my site, I would like to retrieve the user name from the “REMOTE_USER” variable. Answer: No, there

JSP Methods

Question: Is there a way to declare and invoke methods in JavaServer Pages? Answer: Methods can be declared in the same way as variables in JavaServerPages. It can help to