November 3, 1999

Deleting Duplicate Rows

Question: I have this table: declare tbl1 (x int,y int,z int); I don’t have a column I could use as a unique key. There are some duplicate rows (not just

Integration of Replication and DTS Steps

Question: I am trying to build a warehouse. The steps involved are: Make a snapshot replication of the OLTP onto the staging area. Run a DTS package that makes transformations

Access CGI Environment Variables

Question: Can JavaScript access CGI environment variables? Once a user has logged into my site, I would like to retrieve the user name from the “REMOTE_USER” variable. Answer: No, there

JSP Methods

Question: Is there a way to declare and invoke methods in JavaServer Pages? Answer: Methods can be declared in the same way as variables in JavaServerPages. It can help to

Caching JavaScript Code

Question: Is it possible to cache a JavaScript or remote .JS file on a client? It seems that while you can cache images, HTML, objects, and so on, caching .JS

Default Date Format

Question: I have an issue with date formats. I have a VB client piece of software that generates a select based on a particular date. However it only works on

Add a Custom Favorites Icon

Question: When I add sites to my Microsoft Internet Explorer Favorites, the site’s logo (or icon) appears by the Web page’s name instead of the little “e” that usually appears