November 9, 1999

Distributing VFP Executables

Question: When I build a VFP executable file and copy it to another machine, I cannot seem to run the executable. I obtain messages like “cannot …..file support library.” What are these library files and where can I find them? Are there any other necessary files I need to copy,

Copying/Renaming Files

Question: How do I use a memory variable as a filename when copying and renaming a file? Answer: For sake of example, let’s say that you have a character variable called lcSourceFileName that contains the name of the file to copy, and a character variable called lcTargetFileName that contains the

Creating Threads

Question: How do I create threads in PowerBuilder? Answer: You can create separate threads in PowerBuilder by using the Shared Object features of PowerBuilder. Although this feature was initially created for use in distributed PowerBuilder applications, it has been used by many people to create a separate thread to perform

Length of a PowerBuilder Structure

Question: How can I determine a length of a PB structure? Answer: There is no way in PowerBuilder to do this. If you require the size of the structure for use in the Windows API then you can add up the sizes of the elements of the structure and hard-code

Using Access 97 to Connect to FoxPro Tables

Question: When linking to the FoxPro tables from Access 97 I see the tables, but when I double-click on the tables I get #ERROR in every field. Can you please explain what the problem is? Answer: From the description you provide, I can think of two possibilities: When you are

Pictures in Global Address List

Question: Is there any way that pictures of users can be downloaded into the system so that when you pull up their name and select “Properties” you can get a photo of them? Answer: Not in the Global Address List, as far as I know, but you could certainly create

Disallowing Users from Auto-forwarding E-mail

Question: Is there a server-side method to disallow Exchange users from auto-forwarding to external e-mail providers for personal use, especially when they leave the company? Answer: Yes there is. On the Internet Mail Service connector in Exchange 5.5 you can set it to disallow automatic messages to the Internet. Go

Creating Submenus During Run Time

Question: I’m trying to create a drop-down sub menu in a VB form. I’ve tried almost every applicable API32 call and have not been able to do it. Answer: If you are simply trying to create a menu with a subitem you can do so in the Menu Editor; creating

Datawindow Sorting for Datawindowchild

Question: I have a datawindow where I sort the data by clicking on the column header. In one of the columns I have a drop-down datawindow attached. Whenever I click this column, the data gets sorted according to the data value. But what I need is to sort the data

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