November 9, 1999

Distributing VFP Executables

Question: When I build a VFP executable file and copy it to another machine, I cannot seem to run the executable. I obtain messages like “cannot …..file support library.” What

Copying/Renaming Files

Question: How do I use a memory variable as a filename when copying and renaming a file? Answer: For sake of example, let’s say that you have a character variable

Creating Threads

Question: How do I create threads in PowerBuilder? Answer: You can create separate threads in PowerBuilder by using the Shared Object features of PowerBuilder. Although this feature was initially created

Length of a PowerBuilder Structure

Question: How can I determine a length of a PB structure? Answer: There is no way in PowerBuilder to do this. If you require the size of the structure for

Pictures in Global Address List

Question: Is there any way that pictures of users can be downloaded into the system so that when you pull up their name and select “Properties” you can get a

Disallowing Users from Auto-forwarding E-mail

Question: Is there a server-side method to disallow Exchange users from auto-forwarding to external e-mail providers for personal use, especially when they leave the company? Answer: Yes there is. On

Creating Submenus During Run Time

Question: I’m trying to create a drop-down sub menu in a VB form. I’ve tried almost every applicable API32 call and have not been able to do it. Answer: If

Datawindow Sorting for Datawindowchild

Question: I have a datawindow where I sort the data by clicking on the column header. In one of the columns I have a drop-down datawindow attached. Whenever I click