November 9, 1999

Distributing VFP Executables

Question: When I build a VFP executable file and copy it to another machine, I cannot seem to run the executable. I obtain messages like “cannot …..file support library.” What

Disallowing Users from Auto-forwarding E-mail

Question: Is there a server-side method to disallow Exchange users from auto-forwarding to external e-mail providers for personal use, especially when they leave the company? Answer: Yes there is. On

Creating Submenus During Run Time

Question: I’m trying to create a drop-down sub menu in a VB form. I’ve tried almost every applicable API32 call and have not been able to do it. Answer: If

Datawindow Sorting for Datawindowchild

Question: I have a datawindow where I sort the data by clicking on the column header. In one of the columns I have a drop-down datawindow attached. Whenever I click

How to prepare for Visual Basic 6 Certification ?

Question: I am planning to give my Microsoft Certification Exam for VB 6.0 (Developing Distributed Application Development using Visual Basic 6.0 (70-175)). I have worked on Visual Basic for 6

indication about non existence of a file

Question: Using ifstream, I want to open a file that already exists, and launch an error message if it does not exist. How can I get indication that the file

Large Forms

Question: Is there any way I can create scrollable forms in VB 5.0? Answer: There isn’t a simple way that I know of. If you must have scrollable screens consider

Function Binding

Question: Is there a compiler or run-time option to specify whether to use static binding or dynamic binding for function calls? This option, if it exists, may actually override the

Writing directly to a printer

Question: How to write a text directly to printer port, such as lpt1? Answer: While there is no standard method of writing directly to a printer, you can try writing