November 30, 1999

Linking Two Databases in a SQL Query

Question: I have two databases, each on a separate machine in a network. I want to generate a report extracting data from table1 in database1 and table2 in database2. How

SQL Using Like to Search for

Question: I have created a database of journal articles and want to offer users the ability to search the Author field for the surnames of authors. Most of the articles

Modify XML Using DCOM From the Cache

Question: How can I modify and update XML docs that are stored in the cache using a DCOM model (client side)? Answer: Given that caching is an IIS (Internet Information

Truncating the Last Five Characters in a Field

Question: How do I truncate the last five characters in a field? (The string length varies from row to row.) Answer: Try something along these lines: select left(myfield, datalength(myfield)-5)

Forcing a Linefeed in SQL

Question: How do I force a linefeed character using SQL? I created a report (see below) but when I e-mailed this report from Unix the carriage return was not interpreted

Select Statement Not Working

Question: I am trying to code an event that will transfer information from the current form into the display of another form. Information like company name and address, and contact

Using XML Within VBA

Question: Does XML work with VBA (Visual Basic for Applications)? I’m looking for a quick and easy way to store variable information that will be static once it has been