November 30, 1999

Forcing a Linefeed in SQL

Question: How do I force a linefeed character using SQL? I created a report (see below) but when I e-mailed this report from Unix the carriage return was not interpreted

Select Statement Not Working

Question: I am trying to code an event that will transfer information from the current form into the display of another form. Information like company name and address, and contact

Using XML Within VBA

Question: Does XML work with VBA (Visual Basic for Applications)? I’m looking for a quick and easy way to store variable information that will be static once it has been

T-SQL Data Conversion

Question: I want to convert a signed integer into a 16-bit binary as part of a SELECT statement. For example: select myint, howeveritsdone as Binaryfrom mytablemyint Binary—- —————–137 1111111101110111-100 1111111110011100

Values Resulting to Null

Question: I want to add two numeric fields with values like these: Example 1: One field named Amount contains 565.25 and other field named Ticket contains null. select amount +

Creating a Crosstab

Question: How can I create a crosstab in SQL Server 7.0? I’m used to Microsoft Access, where I can use columnheading and rowheading. Does this work in SQL? Answer: This

Insert Trigger on Parent Table

Question: I have two tables and both tables have a one-to-many relationship. I want to add a new single record in the first “transheader” table (key is autonumber) and get

Extracting Dates

Question: How do I extract dates from SQL where the date type is a datetimestamp? I have the following SQL statement: select * from Patient where PatientDOB = “03/01/58” It