November 30, 1999

T-SQL Data Conversion

Question: I want to convert a signed integer into a 16-bit binary as part of a SELECT statement. For example: select myint, howeveritsdone as Binaryfrom mytablemyint Binary—- —————–137 1111111101110111-100 1111111110011100

Values Resulting to Null

Question: I want to add two numeric fields with values like these: Example 1: One field named Amount contains 565.25 and other field named Ticket contains null. select amount +

Creating a Crosstab

Question: How can I create a crosstab in SQL Server 7.0? I’m used to Microsoft Access, where I can use columnheading and rowheading. Does this work in SQL? Answer: This

Insert Trigger on Parent Table

Question: I have two tables and both tables have a one-to-many relationship. I want to add a new single record in the first “transheader” table (key is autonumber) and get

Extracting Dates

Question: How do I extract dates from SQL where the date type is a datetimestamp? I have the following SQL statement: select * from Patient where PatientDOB = “03/01/58” It