December 16, 1999

Cannot Call API Functions From ASP

Question: Can I use Windows API calls in ASP? If so, do I have to declare functions? Answer: Unfortunately, at this time you cannot call API functions from ASP. The

Access Violation

Question: I get an “Access violation at address…” error, when I run my program. An error occurs on line “scanf(…)” but I can’t figure out what is wrong. Answer: In

Overload Operator []

Question: Is it possible to overload the ‘subscripting operator’ [] so it will take char * as the index, similar to an array? For example: I want to write a

Compiler Warnings with STL Map Containers

Question: Using even the most basic default constructor, such as ” mapm; ” , causes a debug error creating huge compiler warnings in Visual C++ and MS Visual Studio 6.0.

Equivalent functions for Unchecked Conversion

Question: Are there any functions/libraries that can perform the Unchecked_Conversion function in Ada? We are writing a program that will read a bitstream. Upon determining the type, we want to

Pointer Arithmetic

Question: I am a programmer beginning to learn C++. I wrote this chunk of code: /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Get to do some pointer arithmetic!/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////#include #include const char NL = ‘ ‘;const char

Open ODBC Connection Without Hardcoding Password

Question: In my ASP page, I open an ODBC connection with: Set Conn = Server.CreateObject(“ADODB.Connection”)Conn.CommandTimeout = “Database_name”,”Username”,”password”. How can I avoid hardcoding the password in the ASP source? Answer:

Connect to a Remote Database Using ASP

Question: How do I connect to an Access database that resides on a network server other than the Web server? My goal is to query the Access database and display

Overloading The ! Operator

Question: Is it possible to have a postfix version of the ! operator? Answer: No, you cannot alter the associativity, ordering and position of built-in operators when you create an