December 20, 1999

Is Exchange the Answer?

Question: I am setting up a new post office SYS. We have five sites over the United Kingdom. Is Exchange the right product to use? We would require replication of

Finding Column and/or Row Height

Question: I have a column that is set to Autosize Height. I would like to find the column height for this column on each row after the data has been

None Specified Datawindow Retrieval Arguments

Question: I have a datawindow that will be called by two functions. The first function only uses the first retrieval argument; the second function uses all three arguments. In the

Converting GETDATE to 24-Hour Format

Question: Using GETDATE returns the time portion of the date in the 12-hour clock form (“08:30pm”). I need the time portion to be in 24-hour clock form (“20:30”). I can’t

Recovering Data from an Old .OST File

Question: Recently, we had a server die on us with bad backups. We have installed a new server and have reestablished all the mailboxes. I have one mailbox that is

Losing Timer Events

Question: When I start a timer on a window with an interval of one second, I expect to get a timer event on the window every second. I have noticed

Cleaning Up Old Dumps

Question: How do you clean up old database and transaction log dumps without removing the backup device? I cannot find a way to delete a single instance of either. Answer:

IN SQL Statement

Question: I have department codes like this: T, B, P, O, Q, etc. How can I find T only, B only, or others only (excluding T and B)? Answer: You


Question: Which implementation works faster, ADO or ODBC? Is there any relevant information (or benchmarks) comparing the difference between linking directly to the ODBC or accessing databases through the ADO