February 3, 2000

Static Char THIS_FILE[]=__FILE__

Question: When I learned VC++, I found a bizarre statement inevery .cpp produced by AppWizard: “static char THIS_FILE[]=__FILE__;” Why does AppWizard redefine THIS_FILE?I find that THIS_FILE is just defined as__FILE__

Using Lockf with Seed Files

Question: It’s been years since my paws had to pound out a solution in C, so I’m a bit rusty and would like a second opinion.. or third… or fourth.

Pointers to Vectors

Question: How do you create an array of pointers to vectors?The different vectors will, eventually, have different lengths. Answer: You declare an array of pointers to vector like this: std::vector

Finding Cursor Position in TextBox

Question: How can I find the current cursor position in text box? Answer: You can use the SelStart property of the TextBox to indicate where the cursor is in the

ASCII Values

Question: How do I change an ASCII value to a letter in C++? Answer: You can directly assign the ASCII vlaues to a variables of type char.The decimal value is

Problems with Getc and Scanf

Question: I want to make a menu, where you can select from 1-4. By pressing one of these keys you should get into a subprogram. Now I have to press

Creating Visual Basic DLLs

Question: Is it possible to create DLLs in Visual Basic? If so, how? For example, I want a DLL with a function that can accept 2 integer arguments and returns