February 18, 2000

ResultSet Positioning

Question: How can I access the next and previous rows in a ResultSet when Iconnect to a database through a JDBC driver? Answer: The JDBC 1.0 API only allows you

ADO and Large Tables

Question: I have several MS Access97 database tables that are larger than 120 MB. When I use ADO to open the entire table it seems to try to load the

Dumping Tables

Question: Using JDBC, how can I turn a database table into a series of SQL INSERT statements that can recreate the table? Answer: Dumping a database table into a set

JDBCTest ClassNotFoundException

Question: I’m trying to test the JDBC-ODBC bridge with JDBCTest tool and itgives me the following error: registerDriver() Failed:java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: sun/jdbc/odbc/JdbcOdbcDriver What’s the problem? Answer: It looks like the jar file

Multiselect Drop-down Box

Question: I need to have a drop-down box (combo probably) which allows multiple selections. The list box does this but there is no room to have the number of list

GET and POST Requests

Question: How does a servlet handle GET and POST requests? Answer: The HttpServlet abstract class, defined in the javax.servlet.httppackage, contains several methods that simplify interacting with HTTPrequests. Two of the

Enumerate Flags for Easier Coding

If you do a lot of work with the Windows API, you might notice that some API functions have flag-type parameters, and you usually pass API constants as the values