Multiselect Drop-down Box

Multiselect Drop-down Box

I need to have a drop-down box (combo probably) which allows multiple selections. The list box does this but there is no room to have the number of list boxes required. Drop-down capability is required. How can this be done? We will create a custom ctl/OCX to do this.

The problem with this idea is figuring out how the user can select it. When a drop-down list goes down, it goes back up when an item is selected. Without making a visible change, you’re changing the function of a basic control, which could cause confusion to your user.

If you don’t have room for a list box, consider putting it on a separate window that pops up when you need it. That’s a more understandable (from the user’s viewpoint) solution than modifying the basic function of a built-in control.


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