February 29, 2000

Evaluating Database Security

Question: How easy/hard is it to hack into a database? How do they hack into them, and where can I get some basic information on database privacy and security? Answer:

Virtual and Non-Virtual

Question: Why would a call to a virtual function execute slower than a call to a non-virtual function? Answer: Because the call is resolved through an additional level of indirection?instead

Virtual Function

Question: I’m surprised the following code doesn’t compile: class C1{public: virtual void f() { /* … */ } void f(bool) { /* … */ }};class C2 : public C1{public: void

Jumping to the End of a Program

Question: I have a function halfway through a program, which should allow the user to quit the program, at the moment it just carries on to the next function call.

Entering Password at Startup

Question: How do I set up my Outlook 2000 client to autopopulate the user name and domain name in the Enter Password dialog box during startup? Answer: The best way

Onmonitor Program and Shared Memory

Question: When I start the Onmonitor program and run Status, I receive the message, “Unable to attach to shared memory.” But I have Informix 7.23 for AIX! What’s going on?

Creating a Client E-mail List

Question: I am trying to create a client e-mail listing to go out to all our company clients. What would be the easiest way to do this? Answer: The easiest

Opening Web Browsers for Multiple Pages

Question: I have seen a few tips regarding opening a Web browser using the Run command or using the ShellExecuteA external command. If I want to open multiple pages one

Running an External Program

Question: How do you get C++ to run an outside program? How do you type this in the source code? Answer: You can invoke another executable from your programming by