March 6, 2000

Remote File Size

Question: How can I discover the size of a remote file stored on an HTTP server? Answer: The HTTP protocol supports the transfer of extra information about thecontent referenced by

ServerSocket Port Binding Error

Question: My Java server compiles perfectly, but when I try to run it on mymachine I get an error when it tries to open up the ServerSocket onport 2525. I

JVM Process ID

Question: On a POSIX-compliant system, is there a way to get the process ID ofthe JVM running the current code? Answer: There is no standard means of obtaining the process

Date Arithmetic in Java

Question: I have a ResultSet created using JDBC and it contains some datefields. Now I want to subtract one date from the other. Howdo I do this? Answer: Date arithmetic

Entering Information Into Two Tables at Once

Question: I have two tables: Items_table: Item_id (primary key) Description (foreign key) Item_priceDescrip_table: Description (primary key) Item_type How do I enter information into the two Description columns simultaneously? Answer: An

Changing a Column Name Within a Table

Question: Is it possible to change the name of a column within a table after it has been created? For example, I want to change the column “Name” to “FName”.

EXE Starts and Ends Immediately

Question: When I build my application as an EXE and run it, the application comes up and then immediately disappears. What is wrong? Answer: You need to create an event