March 17, 2000

Send on Behalf Of/Reply Problem

Question: If I set up a delegate and they send a message on my behalf, the reply goes to my delegate. How can I force the reply to come to

Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 DTS and Informix

Question: I’m curious if you or anyone else has successfully created a data warehouse in SQL Server 7.0, using DTS to import/extract info from Informix, running Elite time/billing application? Answer:

SMTP Mail Send Problem

Question: We are sending over 50K of outgoing e-mails an hour. Today the queue fills and we can only handle about 20K an hour. At some point the mail server

Copying Table Rows

Question: I have two databases and two tables in them have the same structure (same columns etc.). How do I copy some rows from one database to another? Both tables

Contact List in Public Folder

Question: I’m looking to make an online contact list without creating a whole new ASP page for my company. I was thinking that I could simply put the Outlook contact

Allow Users to Reset Your HTML Form

You can use HTML forms to provide an efficient interface for collecting user information. You can include various types of controls like textbox, check box, buttons, listbox, and so forth