March 26, 2000

Informix ODBC Visual InterDev Hangs

Question: If I try to open an Informix table in Microsoft Visual InterDev, which uses SCO Vision Ultralite ODBC driver on an NT4/SP4 IIS4 Web server, Visual InterDev hangs. Using a Microsoft Access front end with the same driver works okay. Answer: Looks like a Visual InterDev problem if you

Inserting a String into a Char(500)

Question: I am trying to insert a string into a char(500) but get this error message: A quoted string exceeds 256 bytes. I’m using this for a Web site built in ASP and can’t use the LOAD command to create a temp text file. Is there another solution? Answer: Try

Error Code When Executing Program

Question: I am receiving an error code of 0400 when a program is executing. I have been told that this is an SQL error code; however, none of the books I have access to shows this code. Please let me know if you know what this is referring to. Answer:

Informix Gives -155 Error

Question: I have been running Informix 7.22.TC1 successfully on Windows NT servers with the WebLogic 1.1 JDBC driver. On Web server restart, my application suddenly shows an error in connection pool creation. Investigating the online server shows the databases gone, and when I use the SQLEditor window, the databases appear