March 31, 2000

Upgrading from Standard to Enterprise Edition 5.5

Question: I have read that to upgrade from Exchange 5.5 Standard to Enterprise Edition, I need to install Enterprise on top of my existing installation. Is that correct?What are the procedures to go from Standard to Enterprise? Answer: It’s actually as simple as that. To upgrade to Enterprise just put

Temporay Class Objects

Question: Would you please tell me the difference between regular class objects and temporary class objects? Answer: The compiler creates temporary objects in several occasions. Usually, the temporary stores the result of a subexpression that is immediatley used the subexpression has been evaluated. For example, in the following expression, string

Goto Statements

Question: Does C++ have a goto statement? If yes, how does it work (what is the syntax)? If no, is there an equivilant and what is the syntax? Answer: Yes, both C and C++ have the goto keyword. The syntax is simple: you need to put a label after the

Single-Instance Message Store

Question: I am working on a project to increase mail efficiency for our Exchange Server-based mail system. I would like to find out whether a specific feature is being utilized on our server?the “single-instance message store”. Unfortunately, I am not able to obtain the assistance of our Exchange Server Administrator.

Displaying PDF Documents

Need the ability to view a PDF document within a Javaapplet? Daniel F. Savarese, answered this question in the March 2000 issue of Java Pro. His solution involves using Adobe’s Acrobat for Java, which is available from Adobe. My solution involves using the showDocument() method of the public interface AppletContext.