April 3, 2000

Message Lost in the Information Store

Question: A user tried to move an e-mail from the Inbox to another folder, and then clicked on his mailbox. The message disappeared from the Inbox, but he couldn’t find

Creating Public Folders

Question: The department I am in would like to have a kind of “posting” center for questions or a kind of “discussion thread” area only accessible to our department. We

Mailbox Names with Different Domains

Question: I have a problem creating the same mailbox names with different domain names at one server (one site). How can I go about doing that? Or can I only

Visual InterDev Hangs

Question: When connecting to an Informix database using Visual InterDev and SCO Retriever 32 ODBC, I can see tables and column names but when I try to look at data,

Building Crosstabs

Question: How do I build crosstabs in Visual FoxPro? Answer: Visual FoxPro has a wizard that helps you create a Crosstab query. From the Wizards submenu on the Tools menu,

Moving from Fox for DOS to Visual FoxPro

Question: I would like some Visual FoxPro application as a starting guide in VFP 6. I’m finding it hard to add commands using a form. For example, I want to

Removing Characters from Strings

Question: I need to delete certain characters from a string, particularly a money field in the format 99,999,999.99. Is there an easy way to delete the commas and period from

DECODE Function

Question: As I understand it, the DECODE function or procedure is available in XPS 8.3 and IDS 2000 9.2 or above. Is it available in 7.2x? If not, is there

Web Databases and Connectivity

Question: Define a Web database, please. What are the advantages and disadvantages? How do I connect different software to the Web? Answer: A Web database is any database that you