April 3, 2000

MTS Queue Backing Up

Question: When e-mail messages are not being delivered and the MTA queue is backed up and all the services is running, what could be another step I can take to

Displays Grid Fields Vertically

Question: How do I display the rows of a table’s contents vertically? I want to list the tracks of a CD, LP, etc. from their table at the bottom of

Informix Stored Procedures to VB

Question: I am returning a resultset from an Informix Stored Procedure to VB6 via ODBC and ADO. Is there any way of returning the field names? At this point I

Getting the Address of a Function

Question: In VB, I can use the function AddressOf. It is the return address of function WNDPROC. Is there a similar function in PowerBuilder? Answer: In PowerBuilder you cannot get

Moving Mailboxes Correctly

Question: We have set up a second Exchange server within our site and moved 170 mailboxes over to it. However, it does not appear that the mailbox data has transferred.

Disabling Function Keys in an Application

Question: How do I disable function keys in an application? Answer: You can disable function keys by using the ON KEY LABEL command. Putting an asterisk (*) after the key

Porting from Oracle to Informix

Question: We have an existing application, which has been developed using ASP. The database being used is Oracle 8. Now, for a different customer, we want to port this application

Message Lost in the Information Store

Question: A user tried to move an e-mail from the Inbox to another folder, and then clicked on his mailbox. The message disappeared from the Inbox, but he couldn’t find