Displays Grid Fields Vertically

Displays Grid Fields Vertically

How do I display the rows of a table’s contents vertically? I want to list the tracks of a CD, LP, etc. from their table at the bottom of my form (or it could be in another form) vertically instead of how they are in the table, horizontally. I tried using text boxes, but it just didn’t look good and the track count varies from CD to CD. It would be best if I could scroll through the list.

The grid control has a property called View. When this property is set to 1, it displays the contents of the grid in “Change” mode. The fields in the record are shown vertically, just as you describe.

Create a form and add the CD table to the data environment. Drag the table from the data environment window onto the form. This will create a grid from the fields in the table. Highlight the grid and change the View property to 1. Now run the form.


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