April 4, 2000

Developer’s Kit for Visual FoxPro 6.0?

Question: Do I need to buy a separate developer’s kit for Visual FoxPro 6.0, as I did for FoxPro 2.5, which I currently use? Answer: No, the equivalent of the

Suppressing Form Display

Question: When initializing a formset, each of the forms in the set are displayed before the order 1 form gets focus. Is there a way to suppress displaying these other

Difference Between INDEX and SORT

Question: What is an index and what is a sort? Answer: Here is a table that I will refer to during my answer: RecNo cName nAge—– —– —-1 Rick 342

Playing Sound Files in FoxPro Apps Quickly

Question: I write language instruction programs and have been calling mplayer2 to allow students to hear the pronunciation saved in recorded sound files. But mplayer takes forever to load and

Dr. Watson Error on Exchange Server

Question: Can you tell me what this error is? Dr. Watson: An application error has occurred, error log is being generated DBASVR.exe Exception access violation (0xc0000005) address 0x778014e6Event Log:Dr Watson

Outlook Web Access for Outside Users

Question: Our company is using Exchange 5.5 as its e-mail server and Outlook as the base e-mail client. What considerations do we, as a company, need to be aware of

Common Mistake in Installing JavaBeans

When you’re using the Palette Properties dialog box to add new JavaBeans components, there’s common to make a mistake when installing them from a package. On the Add From Package