April 11, 2000

Populating Databases

Question: I am trying to populate the stores (demo) database with a SQL script through dbaccess. The script keeps on returning syntax errors. The script is as follows: DECLARE status

Using Active Server Pages

Question: How do I use Active Server Pages to create WAP pages? Answer: By setting the MIME type, you can use ASP to write WML. This command accomplishes this: Response.ContentType

Form Spinner Control

Question: When I create a spinner control and limit the upper and lower limits to specific integers, how do I wrap around the spinner to a specific integer range? For

Problem with Client SDK Driver Version 2.4

Question: After I install this driver, I see the error message when starting Lotus Notes Application: “The application uses CTL3D32.DLL, which is not the correct version. This version of CTL3D32.DLL

Interfacing WAP Pages with Phones

Question: Can WAP pages be built to interface directly with a phone and its functionality? Answer: Yes, you can write WAP pages that will display and call phone numbers directly,

What Are DCT Files?

Question: We have an application; within it is a file with the extension .DCT. What are .DCT files? Answer: DCT files are one of the files that Visual FoxPro uses

Minimizing/Maximizing the VFP Window with Code

Question: How can I make the Visual FoxPro main window minimize and maximize through code? Answer: VFP forms and the _SCREEN object have a property called “WindowState” that can be

Security of WAP Pages

Question: Can WAP pages be secure? Answer: Absolutely. WAP pages can be used for sending and receiving confidential information, such as credit cards and/or bank account statements. WAP was designed