April 11, 2000

Using Active Server Pages

Question: How do I use Active Server Pages to create WAP pages? Answer: By setting the MIME type, you can use ASP to write WML. This command accomplishes this: Response.ContentType = “text/vnd.wap.wml”

Form Spinner Control

Question: When I create a spinner control and limit the upper and lower limits to specific integers, how do I wrap around the spinner to a specific integer range? For example, if I limit the spinner to values 0 to 24, when the up arrow of the spinner is clicked

Problem with Client SDK Driver Version 2.4

Question: After I install this driver, I see the error message when starting Lotus Notes Application: “The application uses CTL3D32.DLL, which is not the correct version. This version of CTL3D32.DLL is designed only for Windows NT systems.” I also cannot replicate the database for the Lotus Notes (LEI). Answer: I’ve

Interfacing WAP Pages with Phones

Question: Can WAP pages be built to interface directly with a phone and its functionality? Answer: Yes, you can write WAP pages that will display and call phone numbers directly, without any user intervention. An added benefit of WAP and its platform is that a lot of people rely heavily

What Are DCT Files?

Question: We have an application; within it is a file with the extension .DCT. What are .DCT files? Answer: DCT files are one of the files that Visual FoxPro uses to implement databases. When you create a database in VFP (e.g., CREATE DATABASE Rick), three files are created: Rick.DBC, Rick.DCT,

Minimizing/Maximizing the VFP Window with Code

Question: How can I make the Visual FoxPro main window minimize and maximize through code? Answer: VFP forms and the _SCREEN object have a property called “WindowState” that can be set to three different values. If WindowState is set to 1, the form is minimized. If WindowState is set to

Populating Databases

Question: I am trying to populate the stores (demo) database with a SQL script through dbaccess. The script keeps on returning syntax errors. The script is as follows: DECLARE status INTEGER;LET status = 1;WHILE status < 100000 INSERT INTO stock (stock_num, description, unit_descr) VALUES (status, "AVX", "jkl") status = status

Security of WAP Pages

Question: Can WAP pages be secure? Answer: Absolutely. WAP pages can be used for sending and receiving confidential information, such as credit cards and/or bank account statements. WAP was designed to eventually allow for a wide variety of applications similar to what is found on the Internet currently. These include

Use the Oracle8 Call Stack to Track Error Locations

When an error message is logged into the errorlog table, there is often a need to know the entire call stack, to debug the exact location of the error. This becomes more crucial when the error occurs in a multi-procedure transaction. The tracking can be done by calling a push

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