April 15, 2000

Pushing an Applet from a Servlet

When trying to use an applet inside a servlet using the applet tag: out.println(“” + “”) Two things must be kept in mind: 1.You must include the codebase in the

Treat enum Types as Ordinary Types

You can use an enum type as you would use any other type: You can create arrays thereof, allocated it dynamically using operator new, define pointers to it and return

Understanding Member Function Lookup Rules

Function lookup stops at a scope. In the case of class hierarchies, this means that a function?either virtual or not?declared in a derived class can hide a virtual member function

Avoid Obsolete Win16 Memory Functions

The 16-bit operating systems Windows 3.1x and DOS had a very intricate memory model that required the use of functions like GlobalAlloc() and GlobalLock(). These functions addressed a specific problem

The getenv() Function

The ANSI function getenv() returns the value of an environment variable. getenv() takes a C-string containing an environment variable and returns its value. In the following example, getenv() detects the

The ssize_t Typedef

The standard typedef name size_t represents a platform-defined unsigned integral data type. If you’re a Unix or Linux programmer, you may have come across another similar typedef, namely ssize_t. This