April 21, 2000

Avoid Double Quotes Inside Quoted Strings

Avoid putting double quotes inside of double quotes in your HTML code. You may not get a compiler error, but your script just won’t work. Instead, substitute single quotes for

Pass Variables From Page to Page

We can pass variables from page to page with the following script: This snippet of ASP script will also automatically create hidden fields that will be dumped into all following

Nest Frames Within Frames

If you’re writing complex frame sets by hand, it’s easy to get lost in “spaghetti code.” To keep a handle on the situation, don’t build the entire frame set at

Determine Which Style Sheets to Use

There are some differences in Cascading Style Sheet implementation in Internet Explorer 3 and 4. So you may want to choose which set of style sheets to load for your

Identifying Browsers Using ASP

Using the BrowserType object, your ASP pages can detect the type of browser being used to download the page. In addition, you can also test the browser for specific capabilities.

Mouseover Effects for Links

The following code can be used in the tag of an HTML document for automatic mouseover effects on all links on the page. The styles ‘a’ and ‘a:visited’ are used