April 27, 2000

Authentication Error When Creating a Web Application

If you are using a numeric IP address instead of a computer name to identify your Web server when creating an application, you may encounter an authentication error. This happens when your computer uses a proxy server only for external addresses. You can avoid this error in one of three

Use the LABEL Tag to Associate Text With Intrinsic Controls

In the HTML 3.2 specification, there was no way for an author to associate text with an intrinsic control such as a radio button or text box. Unlike an tag, which has an accompanying tag and encloses text, the tag does not have an tag. Therefore, screen readers have a

Avoid Hard Carriage Returns in Your HTML Text Strings

When using the element property innerHTML to change the text of an element, make sure that you don’t put hard carriage returns inside of the text string. Doing so will cause an “Unterminated string error.” For example, the following code won’t work: myObj.innerText = “The innerText property sets or retrieves

Changing Two Frames With One Click

When you create a Web site that includes frames, you can easily use a hyperlink in one frame to change the contents of a second frame. But you may frequently want to change two frames with one click. To do so, add the following parameter to the HTML that defines

Avoid Having Your Pages Open Into Someone Else’s Frame

If you want to protect your pages from being opened within a frame, use the following script: This code checks to see if this page is the top page (i.e., that it’s being loaded into the original window rather than into a frame). If it isn’t, the page is set

Preventing a Browser From Caching a Web Page

Each browser has its own way of managing whether or not a page is cached. You can prevent a browser from caching a Web page programmatically by setting the Response.Expires method to 0.

Enhancing Browser Page Loading Performance

If your ASP application is experiencing browser page loading performance problems, you may want to consider implementing one or both of the following techniques. First, a fairly easy way to improve the speed performance of an ASP page is to set the @ENABLESESSIONSTATE to ‘False’ if an ASP page does

Reformat User-Entered Data Before You Validate

If you expect a user to enter a numerical value in a text box, you’ll want to do some data validation on the number. But suppose he’s included a dollar sign in the front of an otherwise legitimate dollar amount, or interspersed parentheses, spaces, or dashes in among the digits

Use ‘Response.IsClientConnected’ to Check Whether the Browser Is Connected

When a browser requests an ASP page from the Web Server, but does not wait for the entire page to be downloaded, the server continues to process the request, wasting valuable CPU cycles. If your Web Server is Internet Information Server (IIS) 4.0, you can use the Response.IsClientConnected property to

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