April 28, 2000

Use java.lang Methods as Functions with SQL-J

You can use methods of java.lang classes for all of the functions found built-in to other databases. For example, you can call the static method java.lang.Math.abs, which is similar to

Clean Quotes From SQL Parameters With Replace

If you’ve ever used SQL commands against the ADO Connection object, you might have had a problem allowing the user to enter text that contains an apostrophe: ADOCon.Execute “Insert Into

Sort DBGrid Contents With Recordset Refresh

It’s often useful to sort a DBGrid field in either descending or ascending order. You do this by using the HeadClick event and the DataField property of columns. You must

Dynamically Populate MSFlexGrid Control

If you use an MSFlexGrid control to display data returned in an ADO recordset, you can use this code to dynamically populate the grid?including the header row?with the information in