May 2, 2000

Effects of Operator delete

Question: Why, after deleting an object I allocated dynamically, is the pointer still there? What exactly have I deleted and what would happen if I assigned a new value to

Percent Sign in SQL

Question: I have a table in which the key field has a value stored with a percent sign, like ‘1234%’.Using this value, I want to select from another table that

ESQL/C (9.2) UC3 Errors

Question: I have installed the version 9.2 of ESQLC, and when I try to run the program in the following manner: esql -e cc -c -I/home/informix/incl/esql crdb.c cc -ocrdb7.exe

Concatenating Fields

Question: How do I concatenate a value in Stored Procedures (e.g., select * from mytable, where mytable.field1 = field that I concatenate)? Answer: If you want to match field1 to

Constructors – Derived to Base

Question: My base class contains this constructor: class Parent { Parent(int a, int b, char* c);}; My derived class contains this constructor: class Child : public Parent { Child(int a);};

Meanings of RS232 Signals

Question: Can you explain the interaction of the RS232 signals (RTS, CTS, DTR, etc.). I need to write a software utility to transmit and receive characters between two computers, but

Problem with Select Statement

Question: I’m writing a select statement to make a table name a variable whose value is set according to a condition: Var tablename;tablename := emp tableselect * from tablename; But

Informix Data Types for Linking Images

Question: Does Informix have a data type similiar to SQL Server’s image or ntext to input paths to link images? Answer: I’d use a CHAR(25) or a VARCHAR field for