May 2, 2000

Concatenating Fields

Question: How do I concatenate a value in Stored Procedures (e.g., select * from mytable, where mytable.field1 = field that I concatenate)? Answer: If you want to match field1 to

Constructors – Derived to Base

Question: My base class contains this constructor: class Parent { Parent(int a, int b, char* c);}; My derived class contains this constructor: class Child : public Parent { Child(int a);};

Manual Redirection of URL

Instead of using a META tag to re-direct a URL, simply place this code in place of the old page and a visitor will instantly be taken there. This piece

Building a Text Editor, Part II

n Part I of this article, we built our basic form for our text editor and wrote the Save functionality. In this part, we complete the File menu with the

How to Use sp_OAMethod

n last month’s 10-Minute Solution, we looked at how to use the OLE automation stored procedures that come with SQL Server to call an object’s properties. These extended stored procedures