May 5, 2000

Switching Between Frames

Question: I’m building an application that has several different frames. Eachhas a button that when pressed should bring up a new frame and closethe calling frame. How can I display

Package Protected Constructor

Question: I need to extend class A which resides in a different package, butclass A has only one constructor which is package protected. I get a compile error in class

Random Integer Generation

Question: How do I write a Java program that generates random numbers withinlimits, such as 1 to 100, or 1 to 1000? Answer: The java.util package includes a Random class

Interplatform Networking

Question: I want to connect a Java client program to a C/C++ server applicationusing sockets. What is the easiest way of doing this? Answer: Java provides the ability to write

Stopping Threads

Question: How do you stop a Thread without using the stop() method? Answer: The recommended method for stopping threads in Java is for each thread topoll a boolean value or

Vectors vs. Hashtables

Question: Is there a significant speed advantage to using Hashtables over Vectors? Answer: The answer depends on how you are using those containers classes. Ifyou are only using them for

Invoking C++ Code (or DLL) via Trigger

Question: Is it possible to have a trigger invoke code in a running application (either via a register-notify type of thing or by calling entry points of a DLL or…)?

Setting Default Values

Question: How do I set a default for a date field having sysdate, current_date or date as the value? Answer: To use the current date as a default value in