May 22, 2000

Floating Point Arithmetic Myths

In the olden days, the use of floating point numbers imposed a significant computation and speed overhead compared to integer arithmetic. For this reason, many optimization guidebooks and IT veterans

What’s in a Byte?

Many believe that a byte is by definition, an eight-bit data unit. Technically, this definition isn’t correct. A byte is a data unit with an unspecified number of bits. Indeed,

West Coast XML Training

Question: I hope you can help me. My company is looking for training classes for XML on the West Coast (preferrably Portland, Seattle, or San Francisco area) I have been

Searching with Multiple Fields

Question: I am developing a s/w with an Access database, using ADO. Now, I want to search a table with multiple columns. As in find method (ADO), it allows only

Adding a New Record to ADO

Question: I know there are two ways to insert a new record. One way is to execute a Insert statement, the other way is use the recordset.AddNew method. In terms