May 30, 2000

Is Informix ANSI ?

Question: I have three quick questions: Is the Informix standard ANSI? Does it accept the function CAST()? What is the largest size char that I can declare? Answer: Informix conforms

Data Conversion

Question: What is the most efficient method of converting Informix data in a Unix operating system to text or dbf data in an NT operating system (size = 8GB)? Answer:

ASP Integration to Legacy Database Using XML

Question: I am trying to develop an MSSQL ASP application that ties real-time into customer’s existing databases at remote locations. The customers use everything from IBM mainframes to SQL or

Function to create a folder/subfolder

Question: How can I write a function in C++ that would create a folder/subfolder on the hard-disk? Answer: Standard C or C++ don’t define such a function. However, most platforms

Posting XML to Another Server

Question: I need to post an XML document from one server to another server. Can I use XMLHTTPRequest for this? Answer: Yes, the XMLHTTP Request object can be used to

Extending Error Object

Question: I want to create a system error object that will take care of system errors and database errors. Should I inherit it from the error object, or should I