June 2, 2000

Reducing A Class’s Size

Many programmers still use the non-standard, platform dependent BOOL typedef instead of using bool. There are many good reasons why you shouldn’t use BOOL; one of them has to do

What’s a Constant Expression?

In several occasions, C++ requires the use of integral constant expressions, for instance: array bounds, case expressions, bit-field lengths, and enumerator initializers must all be integral constant expressions. An integral

Fastest Minimum-Width Integer Types

Another set of typedef names for integer types defined in < inttypes.h > is called “fastest minimum-width integer types.” Each of these typedef names designates aninteger type that is usually

Integers With Platform-Independent Width

The newly approved C99 standard defines a new header file called < inttypes.h >, which defines sets of typedef names for integer types. One of these sets defines integer types

Dynamically Convert HTML to WML

Question: How do I dynamically convert HTML to WML? I would like to take data from, say, a stock-quote page, strip it, and display the info in WML. Answer: Some

Building a Text Editor, Part III

n this article, you’ll continue building on the text editor that you created in Part I and Part II. As usual, the code is available for download by clicking here.

Implementing Enumerated Types in Java

lthough Java syntax borrowed heavily from C++, there are many C++ featuresthat Java chose to omit. At times, the lack of a particular featuremakes Java programs cumbersome to implement. One